July 4, 2022


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A Basic Guide To Commissary Kitchen

2 min read

Commissary is a rentable kitchen where food service executives can make and store their meals. Many large kitchens accommodate food trucks and mobile providers with overnight parking and supplies storage. 

While commercial rental kitchens often provide additional services for food trucks, they are used by a variety of external catering businesses. You can also look for the best shared commissary kitchen in Austin through various online sources.

Some food truck owners utilize commissaries because they are comfortable – leasing space to cook and make your meals is cheaper in the short term than building a functional, modern, coded commercial space. And remember, many FoodTruckers choose mobile restaurants over stationary locations simply because they are looking for an inexpensive way to enter into the food industry.

However, other food car owners use commissioners as required by the local town or county health authorities. Most cities don't allow you to prepare or store food for sale at home – and some don't even allow you to cook food in a truck. If so, then you should store your groceries, and often your truck, in kitchens approved for commercial use. 

Many Commissary kitchens also offer a variety of consumables and commonly used materials. Here you will find every item that you need in a kitchen.  In general, commissary kitchens do not require that you purchase supplies from them, although you should read your contract carefully to ensure that renting space does not allow for additional purchases.

Commissary kitchen works daily with food truck owners and can assist you to find the accessories you require to succeed as a food car owner while also functioning as intermediaries between you and local health inspectors.