July 4, 2022


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All About Wedding Candles

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A wedding without candles is not a wedding. It's hard to imagine a very important day – a religious ceremony – without the soft candlelight that creates solemnity and romance in the wedding ceremony. Wedding candles have different purposes and meanings. Read this article and you will know all about wedding candles.

Marriage candles are commonly used to symbolically unite newlyweds and their families during the wedding ceremony. Representing the couple, two pointed candles are often placed next to a larger candle on a pillar on a small table at the altar.

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They should be in a place that is easily accessible to a partner. Any family or wedding guests can light the courtyard and light candles during the ceremony. 

Then it was the turn of the bride and groom to light the candles of union, with the flames symbolizing their new life together as husband and wife. Conical spark plugs on both sides can catch fire or go out.

You can find large candlesticks which are very beautiful decorations and are available in many shapes, styles, and finishes. Another reason why candles are such a popular choice for decorating weddings is that they are cheap! 

Another great thing that candles can do at your wedding is to serve as a wedding favor. Wedding candle favors are becoming very popular these days, not only because they are beautiful but also cheap.

Both local and online stores offer a wide range of wedding services – from candles, soaps, edible and helpful services to unique wedding favors.