July 4, 2022


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Bachelorette Party Games – Ideas and Tips

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The right bachelorette party games in an appropriate atmosphere will ensure the bride will have a memorable night. 

Arranging the bachelorette party can be stressful and you certainly don't want to let down your good friend at the most important time in her life. You can also check and sign up for great deals through various online sources. Don't stress – there is plenty of help available.



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The location you select to host the party 

Whether somebody has kindly offered their house for the party or if you're heading to a restaurant or bar, there are plenty of fun options.

If your party is in a home and you have plenty of space you might like to consider a toilet paper dress contest. 

Break the party guests into small groups of three to five people and give each group a large pile of toilet paper rolls. 

If your party is out on the town you can still do a scavenger hunt but it takes on a slightly different form. 

If you have plenty of time on your hand's many bachelorette party games can be arranged on a tight budget. 

However, if time is an issue or if you want to add some commercially produced items there are plenty of cheap games and props for sale on the internet.

Whether you decide to host your bachelorette party in a house or in a bar make sure you give the bride a night she won't forget.