October 4, 2022


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Benefits Of Automatic Indoor Pool Covers In The USA

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Pool covers are essential for both indoor and outdoor pools. They ensure hygiene and safety, as the chances of accumulation of dirt and careless falling can be avoided. Pool cover offers numerous benefits to the owners and are therefore necessary for any pool, private or public. You can buy automated pool covers for inground pools from online stores.

Below you can find some benefits of indoor pool covers:

  • Prevents Water/Heat Loss 

Uncovered pools are subject to water-loss due to evaporation. Studies say that 1000s of litres of water evaporate from pools daily. Keeping it open also causes heat loss, which makes you heat it up multiple times a day. Cover prevents both these to a good degree.

  • Energy Saving

It stops water and heat from evaporating. Therefore the need for re-heating can be avoided. This saves electricity bills and water bills.

  • Minimise Water Treatment

The chemicals such as chlorine evaporate easily when kept open. This causes you to do chemical treatment often. It locks the chemicals and as a result chemical treatments can be reduced and cost for it as well.

Pool requires a lot of time in cleaning, heating, chemical treatment, water-filling, etc. Pool cover reduces the frequency of these by keeping the pool clean and swimming-friendly for a longer time.