August 13, 2022


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Bunions Treatment In Towson – A Pain In The Foot

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Bunions can be extremely painful and require special attention. They are usually inherited, however, they can also be due to poorly-fitting shoes. If you suspect or realize that you've got a bunion, it's time to move up and tackle it.

A lot of doctors will suggest surgery as the best solution. If you’re suffering from bunion navigate for a treatment of bunion in Towson.  There are many other options to treat bunions other than surgery. 

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The most important initial step is to change your shoes. The downside is that once you've created a bunion, it's likely to not disappear in a flash. However, you can minimize its symptoms and discomfort. A good pair of shoes is the first step.

To avoid bunions from getting worse, using toe spacers is an effective plan of action. Toe spacers are typically made out of silicone gel or rubber. They prevent that large toe from trying to cross the line onto the next. The majority of toe spacers are made to work when wearing shoes and a bunion shield at the same time. 

There are a variety of stylish shoes to select from that won't hurt your bunion. Always opt for a wider toe bed. If your bunion is very severe, consider wearing men's shoes to get some extra room. It is also possible to have your shoes customized to accommodate your bunion.