July 5, 2022


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Career Exploration Using the Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI Instruments

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There are new rules for career success in today’s organization, whether the organization is a company, education, or not for profit. Career success is no longer what our parents believe – up the career ladder, with all accompanying promotions, salary increases, and benefits. 

New rules are taking advantage of every opportunity – to actively make it happen for ourselves rather than relying on our employers to make it happen to us. Most importantly, we cannot accept anything as we leave on the road to “make it.” There is no “right” and credential degree. Sometimes credentials skipped at all supporting unique experiences or ideas. 

Career Tests Inventory of strong interest and the personality test of Myers-Briggs type indicators is a respected tool in the field of career development. Both inventories have been used for decades and researched and revised to reflect current vocabulary, employment trends, and user requirements. You can take a career test of strong interest inventory online at https://discoveryourpersonality.com/strong-interest-inventory-career-test.html.

Strong Interest Inventory® Career Test | Psychometrics Canada

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A strong inventory career test is based on the idea that there are six types of people and six types of appropriate work environments. The more like you are with the environment where you work, the more satisfied and productive you tend.  Your strong personality is determined by comparing likes and don’t like people who enjoy their work in various jobs. The Myer-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) personality test results show your preferences for:

  • Source and direction of energy: extraversion (e) vs introversion (i)
  • Collect information: Sensing (s) vs Intuition (N)
  • Make a decision: think (t) vs. feeling (f)
  • Life orientation: Judging (J) vs. Perception (P)

One of the 16 combinations of preferences above is suitable for you and explain the pattern of broad personality characteristics. This pattern is called your MBTI type. Your type shows what type of work might mean to you and the style you want to do your work.