September 25, 2022


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Choosing the best Panel Doors

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For many reasons, panel doors are very popular. Panel doors add beauty and quality to any home. When searching online, you can also find the best panel doors from

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The location of the panels. It sounds confusing? Do not let all the options scare you. Consider them as a collection of great options that you have to design a door that fits your home and is perfect for you.

You may first want to understand the differences between a raised panel and a flat panel door. Raised panel doors can also be called stile or rail doors. These doors have recessed and elevated areas that are surrounded by decorative wooden lines. 

The biggest decision you will make is between a flat or a raised door. The rest is about style. You can choose from one large panel or ten panels for your panel doors. You will choose more panels if you desire your door to be more decorative. 

You can request some glass panels to let natural light into your home. You have the option to choose where the glass is placed. It can be anywhere from 3/4 of the doors panels being glass to the top. You can either have one glass panel or divide them.

Once you've established the layout of your door you can choose the type of wood and the style of decoration you would like. You'll soon have a stunning new entrance to your home.