July 1, 2022


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Different Gluten-Free Whole Grain Flours

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Celiac Disease is a condition that damages and prevents the lining of the small intestine from absorbing important nutrients from food. The damage is due to the reaction to gluten. 

Whether or not you have celiac disease, attempting to follow a gluten-free diet, or are just simply curious about some of the different types of flour from https://www.iyafoods.com/ that are out there, we did the research this is what we found!:

Whole Grain

  • Sorghum Flour– Cereal grain that originated in Africa about 5000 years ago. Contains as much protein like quinoa. Aids indigestion.

  • Sweet Potato Flour– Made from dehydrated potatoes. A little bit goes a long way. High in fiber and protein–can be used in place of xanthan gum or guar gum

  • Teff Flour– Milled from one of the world’s smallest grains. A key source of nutrition in Ethiopia. High in protein, fiber, and calcium.

Bean Flours

  • Fava Bean Flour- Milled from blanched (skinless)  fava beans. Can be added in place of white flour but should be added with other flours as well. High in protein.

  • Garbanzo Bean Flour- Also known as Chickpea flour. High in protein and fiber. Good substitute in crackers, bread, pizza crusts, and strong flavors such as pumpkin and chocolate.

Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean) Flour- Milled from whole, raw soybeans. Good source of fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and protein. Best to keep a close eye on the products you’re using because they tend to brown more quickly.