September 25, 2022


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Galvalume Roof: Is It Right For You?

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A galvalume steel roof is incredibly energy efficient due to its ability to reflect solar radiant heat and is even Energy Star certified. The hot-dipping of zinc in galvalume steel, these coated metals are made from incredibly abundant elements which don't harm the environment.

Galvalume metal products provide superior corrosion protection in any environment. Galvalume’s protective surface coatings guard against ice, rain, and snow better than galvanized steel products. If you are planning to install a galvalume steel roof, you can hire professional installers via Galvalume metal benefits include:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Enhanced heat resistance
  • Good strength
  • Heat reflexive
  • Cost-effective

Galvalume steel panels and siding often come with several warranties including paint and a 25-30 year warranty, which protects against rust-throughout, but not surface rust. 

Using galvalume steel is not only budget-friendly, and longer-lasting but it's also more readily available. Either way, if you're interested in installing a metal roof, you really can't go wrong with galvalume or galvanized steel.

Galvalume is a more aesthetically pleasing material. It tends to better performance, mainly when exposed to water or any other liquids which has an oxidation process Galvalume offers more benefits for residential and commercial buildings, but both roofing products are a highly durable, long-lasting option for your roof.