July 5, 2022


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How a Back Support Cushion Can Save You From Back Pain

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People who spend the better part of the day sitting at their desks while doing paperwork or typing away at the computer are often advised to stretch, stand up and walk a bit. However, sometimes, hectic schedules and bulky workloads can make people forget, and their back often suffer the consequences.

Most people suffer from stress and job-related back pain, which they unfortunately enjoy as they go through another day of back-stressing work. This is where back support cushions. Studies show that using these cushions can effectively reduce and prevent back pain.

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Back pain can mean pain throughout the back, or could simply refer to pain in the neck, upper back, lower back or tailbone. This pain is often caused by wrong posture or sitting down for long periods.

If wrong posture is uncorrected, it could lead to chronic back pain, which can manifest itself through either a burning sensation, a dull ache or sharp pain. Back support cushions aim to reduce back pain by giving support and comfort to the lumbar region. It is made from foam which soothes the muscles and distributes a person's weight evenly, so that no specific area in the back is stressed. Some of these cushions even have a built-in vibrating massager for sudden onsets of back pain.

The cushions can also prevent back pain by effectively correcting a person's posture. Back support cushions are made of foam, which adjust to the contours of a person's back and is perfect for people who have scoliosis or have slightly different spinal formations. The back support cushion is simply placed on a person's chair as it accommodates to all builds and sizes.