May 16, 2022


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How Does Residential Solar Installation Work?

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Home solar systems are a great way to make a positive impact on the environment and at the same time save money. System components must be of high quality and from a reliable manufacturer to ensure the safety of occupants using the home solar system. 

Let's find out what these components are and how they make your rooftop solar system work:

Solar panels

Solar panels are made up of a number of smaller dark blue components called solar cells. These cells work on the principle of the Becquerel effect or the photovoltaic effect. You can also contact for the best residential solar systems via

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In short, these cells are made of impure silicon semiconductors that produce an electric current when irradiated. The electrical energy produced by the cell depends on the intensity of the sunlight it receives. 

Solar inverter

The solar panels on the roof generate AC or DC power, while our household appliances use AC or AC power. Therefore, before using the power generated by the module, it is important to convert direct current to alternating current. 

This is where solar inverters specially designed for photovoltaic systems come in. An inverter mounted behind the roof panel supplies the grid meter with an alternating current that coincides with the phase of the grid power.

It's useful to know how your home's solar system works so you have all the answers the next time your guest visits to show off your power plant.