July 5, 2022


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How To Get An EBike?

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If you are tired of paying sky-high prices for gas just to get around town in your car but everything you need to get to is way out of walking distance or if you want to go to an adventure, maybe it’s time to buy the best electric mountain Bikes. Unlike traditional bicycles, an ebike, or electric bicycle, has an electric motor either attached directly to the frame or built into the hub of the front or rear wheel.

Cougar 1 - PowerMax Ebike Inc.

These motors are powered by long-lasting high efficient batteries that give you the extra boost of power you need to get to where you are going. While e-bikes may be a bit more expensive than your average bicycle, they are well worth the price and pay you back in time and energy saved during your commute.

There are electric bikes available for many different purposes, from commuting to and from work to off-road racing for any commuter, and if you decide you want an ebike but already have a bicycle you love, converting your old bike into an electric assist model is easy with an off the shelf ebike conversion kit.

When considering investing in an ebike, there are a few things you should consider. First off, what is your style of biking? Do you use your bike for short trips to the grocery store and around town or do you use it over long journeys or even cross country?

Anyone looking into e-bikes should keep in mind that because an electric bicycle uses friction against the wheels or a motor tie indirectly in the wheel or on the chain to power the bike while under electric assist, pedaling it without the motor running will give you slightly more resistance than you may be used to with a traditional bike.

You will also have to account for the added weight of the battery, and while high-efficiency electric batteries have come a long way in decreasing their size and weight in the last few years, they are still not what one would consider featherweights.

On the plus side, many bikes are designed to let you engage and disengage the power assist mechanism on-demand, which means that you can get rid of that extra resistance by turning a switch. If you think you will be not always be using the power assist when bicycling, you should make sure to look for a model with this option.