September 25, 2022


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How To Properly Store Your Shademaker Polaris Umbrella ?

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If you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, a quality umbrella is one of the most important pieces of gear you own. A shademaker polaris umbrella is one of the most popular types of umbrellas because it can withstand extremely high winds and also lasts for years on end. 

Why Get a shademaker polaris umbrella ?

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Shademaker Polaris umbrellas are the perfect choice for those who want a durable, lightweight umbrella that can handle a variety of weather conditions. The umbrella's canopy is made from a tough, water-resistant fabric that will keep you protected from the elements, and the handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip. The umbrella also features an automatic open/close feature that makes it easy to use.

How to Properly Store Your Shademaker Polaris Umbrella

1. Keep it Clean and Dry: Make sure to keep your Polaris umbrella clean and dry before storing it. Not only will this help avoid damage, but dried up water can also cause your umbrella's canopy to warp or crack.

2. Avoid Over-Storing: Over-storing your Polaris umbrella can actually damage it over time. Keep it stored in a cool, dry place where the sun cannot reach it and avoid stacking other pieces of gear on top of it.

3. Use a Protective Case: If you're taking your Polaris umbrella on a trip, pack it away in a protective case to prevent scratches and dents.

4. Store It In Its Original Packaging: When you're not using your Polaris umbrella, store it inside its original packaging to keep it safe from dust and dirt.