October 3, 2022


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How To Use A Bubble Leak Detector?

2 min read

When a bubble is created, the air pressure inside it builds up until it is released suddenly. This sudden release of pressure sends the bubble dart across the surface of whatever it is floating on, usually water, back towards its point of origin.

A bubble leak detector is a machine that detects the presence of bubbles in the water. When a bubble leaks and enters the water, it creates a small air pocket. This pocket of air can be detected by the machine and identified as a potential leak.

A bubble leak detector can be used to identify potential leaks in water pipes, boilers, cisterns, tanks, and other water systems. By detecting the presence of bubbles, the leak can be located and repaired before it causes any damage.

Bubble leak detectors are typically used in industrial and commercial settings where water is vital to operations. They are also popular among homeowners who want to avoid costly repairs caused by leaks in their plumbing systems.

A bubble leak detector is a handy tool to have around if you suspect there may be a water leak. The best way to use a bubble leak detector is to slowly turn on the faucet until you see bursts of bubbles coming from the faucet. Keep turning the faucet on and off until you find the point at which there are no more bubbles coming from the faucet. Once you've found the point at which there are no more bubbles, that's likely where the water leak is. 

To prevent water damage, always remember to shut off the main water valve when using a bubble leak detector. And if you do find a water leak, be sure to call an expert to fix it!