September 25, 2022


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How To Use Your Pain To Develop Emotional Resilience

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What is the cause of your current emotional pain if anything else? Is it something deeper, like the pain of a loved one infected with the coronavirus or the uncertainty of the world we live in?

Usually, our pain is not the result of what happened, but the remnants of the past. You can also visit https:/ to get the best resilience training programs.


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Somehow we do something where bringing emotional pain is rooted in our nervous system. However, when we are triggered by an event or events that activate our wound, we wonder why we are responding to it. 

When we don't work with a trained therapist or travel within ourselves, it becomes clear that we have been running from pain all our lives.

Can you identify with this story in your own life? This is my experience educating people over the years, they recognize their wounds through their relationships. 

Pain will always find its way to our door so we can learn what to do at the right time. However, many people close the door to pain because they don't want to experience difficult emotions.

They need to be recognized because emotions hide messages from your soul about your life story. If we run from these emotions, they will find other ways to get our attention.

So use your pain to develop emotional resilience instead of running away from it. Numbing our pain with drugs, food, possessions is a form of distraction that prevents us from doing what is important; our emotional well-being.