June 29, 2022


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Ideas for the design of a small home

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It's possible to build small. It's not enough to reduce everything. You will have to give up some things that you are used to. It's not about letting go of things you don't need anymore.

You should also consider the resale price. If you have to sell your home, can you make it smaller and still appealing to buyers?

Question: How can I maximize my potential while building a small house?


Well, you are going to build a small home. It doesn't need to feel small. This is an important part of the question. How can you make a small house feel spacious or efficient, while still being comfortable?

A better design is required for small homes. There are hundreds of ways to make small homes more comfortable, efficient, and usable.

Here are some ideas for the house construct design of a small home:

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  • At least one room should extend beyond one exterior wall.
  • Reduce or eliminate corridors
  • Plenty of windows are available to let in light and provide views
  • Higher ceilings can add space and volume to your home.
  • Make multi-purpose or shared rooms
  • Make sure the interior is open and fluid.
  • Attic storage that is easily accessible

These are all ways to increase the space feel, appearance or maximize its use.

Interior Designers – Help

This is not a design issue, but if you want your home to feel larger and more comfortable, make wise furniture choices. Don't buy too much furniture. An Interior Designer can help you with furniture and other decor.