September 25, 2022


Be educated, be a good achiever

Importance Of Education In A Country’s Progress

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Education is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills and habits are passed from one generation to the next. A person’s education starts from the moment they are born. In the early stages, the most important teachers of children are their parents and especially their mother.

Because a mother can educate her child well. Because there are three levels of education: primary, secondary and higher education. Nowadays people need to have certain skills to survive and thrive in this competitive world. This skill can be called education.

Education helps decide why one party should be chosen over another. Uneducated people don’t understand the importance of choosing the right person to choose from. Therefore, education shows us how important it is to choose. In a country’s economy, education helps positively in deciding who to choose to change.

Education plays a big role in health. As if the people of a country are healthy, they can work hard and be good. People in developing countries have not fully realized the importance of good health. Very few people understand the importance of personal hygiene! Many diseases are caused by ignorant people doing things that spread disease.

In general all levels of education are important, but the most important is the higher level, which includes colleges, universities, and higher education. During this phase, students face many difficulties and learn more about every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

Even in adolescence, children have a sharp mind to learn everything in every field. In other words, they can think both positively and negatively, and get good results in both areas. So here education plays an important role in teaching children what is right and wrong.

If they have to teach well means to teach positively, then they can show good results in the development of a country. This is why higher education plays an important role in education for the advancement of the nation.