September 30, 2022


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Know Anout Wireless Radio Network

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There are few things more frightening than being trapped underground without any escape plan. Every day that miners go to work, they risk being trapped in such a situation.  Communication is a major problem in mine safety. It is difficult to build a network underground that works. The majority of radio waves cannot penetrate rock.

You need to have a line of sight between the two transmission points. This is not possible for most mining operations. Strong underground mining radio communication systems could reduce the number of mining accidents and improve the effectiveness of rescue operations.

mining radio communication systems

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An essential component of an efficient communications system would be a wireless radio network. Miners could stay in touch with the surface operations by using radio waves. A wireless radio network can be used to send information back to the base of operations.

This will alert team leaders to potentially hazardous situations, so they are aware before an accident occurs. Leaders could also keep track of where miners are located within the mine using the tracking system. Leaders could identify who was present in an area during an accident.

You can find wireless technology everywhere, including in coffee shops and airports. Some cities have implemented municipal wireless networks. It is possible to believe that all mines around the globe would have them.

Remember that radio waves are not able to penetrate solid rock. This is something you need to consider when designing a wireless radio network in a mine. Here are two common ways to implement a wireless radio network within a mine.