September 30, 2022


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Learn About Studio Lighting

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Studio lighting is what differentiates many professional photographers from amateurs. It's not that you cannot get amazing photographs using natural light however it is feasible. For formal or glamour portraits, the versatility of being in control of light can result in some stunning shots.

A basic Illuminate mate double rectangle softbox lighting kit that is adaptable enough to many different images, comprises two lights, as well as softboxes or umbrellas. If you're shooting people, it is best to use studio-grade strobes which function as a jumbo-size version of your regular flash that you use on your camera. 

Image Source: Goole

An alternative is continuous lighting – think floodlights are still efficient, but they use less power and can cause issues with energy use and heat.

This setup is able to be utilized in a variety of ways – a typical setup is to put one light that is on the one side of the subject and the second light on the other side at just half the intensity from the primary light. 

This arrangement will produce an image with shadows to emphasize particular features, however, shadows won't be particularly dark, which is great for those trying to capture the whole body or face of the subject.

A different option would be to put only one light on one part of the subject and the other light could be an ambient light or a hair light. Background light can be helpful in making the subject stand out against the background, but it must have a lower intensity as the primary light in all instances.