July 4, 2022


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Main Types Of Physical Therapy Centers

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Patients are treated according to the type of physiotherapy center that best suits their needs. The most common physiotherapy centers are geriatrics, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, and cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation.

In a geriatric physical therapy center, physical therapists have the right to ensure proper comfort and fit for those who are affected by the effects of age. Geriatric centers offer special programs to treat patient’s conditions and even improve their physical condition. If you are looking for a geriatric physiotherapy clinic, search online and find the best results in no time.

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Orthopedic is another type of physiotherapy center. Orthopedic physiotherapy treats diseases and functional disorders of the muscular as well as the skeletal system. Patients who have undergone surgery for dysfunction or injury, or who have a disease or condition affecting the bones or muscles, visit this type of physical therapy center.

Neurological physiotherapy centers treat patients with neurological disorders and diseases. This is a physiotherapy center that deals with the consequences of damage to the nervous system. Treatment at the neurological center is designed to help patients correct their dysfunction, help them maintain independence, and perform normal activities of daily living.

The type of physical therapy that deals with infants, children, and adolescents is known as pediatrics. Its purpose is to identify health problems at an early stage and treat congenital and non-congenital diseases and developmental delays.

Finally, there is cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation. This type of physical therapy center treats patients to build stamina and remain functional and independent after serious illnesses such as bypass surgery, heart attacks, and lung diseases.