May 20, 2022


Be educated, be a good achiever

Make Your Child Grow Smarter with Primary Education

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Primary education is the foremost right of every child and access to education is not only the responsibility of the state but also of the parents and households. Primary education brings awareness as well as self-advancement and reduces chronic and inter-generational poverty because it is the first step toward the creation of welfare and society.

In order to compete in the competitive world, children should be prepared from a very early age. You can also make your child grow smartly by enrolling him in the top primary school in Amsterdam.

Good Behavior and Grade Goals

When the child begins an education journey, they are just prepared for more than learning the basics of math, writing, and reading. Quality education in the best primary school in Amsterdam is the initial stage of mandatory education.

Stages of Primary Education

Parents have the option of sending their children to private or public institutions for basic education. This education usually begins from kindergarten and continues up to grades five to seven, depending on the system. After the completion of primary education, students progress to junior high school or middle school.

The best primary academy in Amsterdam offers a more comprehensive education, comprising eight primary grades. Students proceed directly to high school graduation, which reflects the importance of primary education.