September 30, 2022


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New Era of Education: Learning with Companion Robots

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Millennial parents are witnessing a revolution in the way their children are taught at school and at home. Educational tools such as toys, games, videos, and individual and group activities make learning fun. Studies show great results from unconventional teaching methods that make traditional methods obsolete like chalk and blackboard. 

When children have access to real-world experiences that apply what they learn in the classroom, they develop valuable skills such as mindfulness, strong intuition, fast learners, and the networks necessary to succeed in school, at work, and in the workplace.

Artificial intelligence and robotics continue to redefine education and take it to different levels with robots like those mentioned below:

Kebbi Robot – RAI for Children with Autism – MOVIA Robotics.

kebbi robot

These robots are designed to meet the developmental needs of children. They can make school lessons interesting by engaging children in conversations and even understanding and recognizing their speech and facial expressions. Kids can now learn the basics of coding and understand math problems in a simple way and get access to relevant knowledge with the help of these robots, providing quality education.

Companion robots for children also have the ability to be emotionally intelligent, recognizing and acting on each child's moods, likes and dislikes, and unique personalities. They help children with special needs to accelerate their learning according to their special abilities, bridging gaps that traditional teaching methods cannot bridge.

Robots educate, entertain and employ children. Kebbi has a very playful attitude to children with emotional expressions and a pleasant voice that allows him to communicate with children and have long conversations. Conversational learning is an effective way to develop a child's language and speaking skills, and children tend to retain facts better when taught a 'talk and learn' approach.