September 25, 2022


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Scoliosis Braces for Children and Adults – What Are the Options?

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When considering scoliosis braces as an option to treat scoliosis, it's important to understand that the success or failure of scoliosis treatment often depends on three things.

1) The correct type of bracket is attached for this type of scoliosis

2) The stand is installed by a competent and accredited stand manufacturer

3) The patient wears the orthosis as recommended and is checked regularly

The goals of correcting scoliosis are to stabilize the curvature, prevent further progression, and ideally provide some correction of the curvature. Correction is not always possible and is more likely in cases where the patient is in their teens or pre-teens while their spine is still growing. 

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Therefore, the best outcome in scoliosis is achieved when scoliosis is identified and treated as early as possible. Adults with scoliosis can be successfully treated with splints for pain and poor posture caused by scoliosis. 

Two main types of scoliosis orthotics are available: flexible dynamic orthotics such as the SpineCor scoliosis orthotics and hard plastic orthotics such as the Gomez TLSO.

Spinal scoliosis

SpineCor brackets differ from conventional hard plastic brackets in that they operate on a dynamic principle. Instead of trying to force the spine and hold it in place, it works with the spine and muscles to gradually change their position over time.