July 5, 2022


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Setting Bowling Alley Pins

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Before the days of spontaneous pinsetters in bowling alleys, they practiced a rack that someone could throw into, then push down a lever to place the pins in the right position. This provided a fantastic job for young guys that liked a little enthusiasm.

The pinsetter would sit on the side of the pit with his feet free of the bowling ball that would come tumbling down the street.  You can book an event of bowling game like superfun rock n roll bowling game via https://www.midwaybowl.com/.

The majority of the time all of the pins would stay in the pit, but occasionally they would fly out, and if you weren't alert you may get hit.

After the bowler would throw the ball, the pinsetter would pick up the ball and set it on the return railing, then as quickly as he could, pick up the pins and put them in the rack. If the pinsetter was too slow and the ball touched the bowler until the pinsetter was through in the pit that the individual bowling could throw the ball and grab you in the pit.

They generally can't see you down in the pit, or perhaps they can and like to see you leap! We would learn how to pick up two pins in each hand and sometimes the fifth pin between both hands.

Throughout the slack period and while waiting for the bowlers to come, we would assume around the pin-ball machine and see who could rack up the most games. We would place the front legs on the bottoms of our shoes to make the ball move or roll slower till it would tilt, and finish the game.