July 5, 2022


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Some Myths About Mediation

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Mediation is a process that is foreign to many people. Many do not understand what it is and, most importantly, how it can help them resolve disputes effectively and at a low cost.

Therefore, there are many myths and assumptions about the usefulness and process of mediation. This article examines some common myths that many people have about mediation. You can also know more about court mediation online.

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Myth 1: Mediators Are Like Going To Court

Mediation is a confidential process where you and the other party sit down with a trained mediator to resolve your conflict towards an agreed solution. Mediators are not judges or decision-makers. Mediation is an active process.

This means that all mediation decisions and directions are determined by you and the parties to the dispute. The process is completely in your hands and can be as formal or informal as you wish. The mediator’s job is to work with both parties to help them find a solution that everyone can agree on.

Myth 2: Mediation Is An Expensive Process

Mediation is honestly one of the cheapest ways to resolve disputes. A good brokerage price varies based on your dispute and geographic area. Mediation costs are usually less than legal and court fees. Mediation is also a great way to save time and energy.

Mediation is much faster than litigation. Court proceedings can take a lot of time and money, while mediation can take hours. The cost of resolving disputes quickly and withheld by the courts through mediation is very cheap.

Myth 3: Mediation Usually Doesn’t Work

This is another myth about mediation. In fact, the mediation success rate is within 90%. The reason for this high level of success is due to the satisfaction of the participants. All parties play an active role and make decisions in the resolution.

In this way, all resolutions will be supported by the parties, as this is a solution that everyone agrees on. This high level of satisfaction makes for long-term deals and helps maintain relationships.

In fact, many people are more satisfied with mediation than with court decisions where the decision rests with the judge rather than the parties.