October 3, 2022


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The Benefits of LED Interior Lights

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Interior vehicle lights are used to make it easier to see inside the vehicle and locate items. These lights allow you to see what is important inside your vehicle, such as the road map, where you should place the coffee cup, how to hold it so that it doesn't spill, or the paper stuck between the seats. 

The LED panel is the next type available for interior lights. There is limited space in the housings of interior lights. The LED panel is a PCB board with LED diodes. They are then placed inside the interior light housing. 

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Because LED panels have more light output, and are larger than traditional PCB boards with LED diodes distributed evenly across them, they offer a larger surface area. You can find universal LED panels in different sizes to fit your housing size.

Last but not least, there are specific or direct-fit LED panel lights for each vehicle. A universal LED panel might not be available in the exact size or shape you require, as not all vehicles have the same housing shape. 

The vehicle-specific LED panel light is designed with a particular housing shape in mind. These lights can provide greater light output and coverage than traditional LED replacements and panel-type lights.

Whatever type of LED interior lighting you choose, it's still a great upgrade to the factory-incandescent halogen bulbs. The standard LED replacement bulb will suffice for most people's lighting problems. 

For those who need brighter lighting, there are many options. There are so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to decide which one to get.