July 4, 2022


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The Best Omega 3 Sources For Puppies Feed In Australia

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The fatty acids are essential for the neurological development of puppies, just as they are for human infants. Docosahexaenoic or DHA is one example of the polyunsaturated omega-3 oils. Fish and seafood are the only sources of dietary nutrients in our modern world. Here, are the advantages of the best Omega 3 sources for feed in Australia .

omega 3 sources for feed

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Dogs would eat bones and raw food in the wild. Some veterinarian scientists believe that raw food and bones are the best foods for dogs. It is called the "barf diet".

Another point of view is that protein is what animals would eat most often. They may also eat fish. Although they wouldn't eat cooked food, it is possible that they could get more diseases from raw food. This is why we cook our food. It kills all bacteria, worms, and viruses.

There are many opinions on doggie diets. However, there is no doubt that omega 3 is a good choice for puppies once they have been weaned. They will get all the nutrition they need from their mother until they are weaned.

The only omega-3 found in vegetable oils is alpha-linolenic or ALA. There is no DHA. Study results supported the importance of DHA omega 3 in puppies. Researchers found that puppies born to dogs who were fed DHA had a superior visual development to those who were only fed ALA.

This supplement should not be taken in excess. This can cause blood clot problems, and could be dangerous if the dog is injured or needs surgery.