July 4, 2022


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Tips on Hiring AC Repair Contractor In Los Angeles

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Hiring a contractor to repair an air conditioner can be a challenge. There are many companies that offer this service and most homeowners don't know much about it. 

However, this is where homeowners are in trouble. Hiring a company that you have not fully inspected can result in higher costs for immediate repairs and future costs if the contractor performing the repairs is not properly licensed or insured. You can get a lot of information about AC repair contractors via lafixit.com/air-conditioner-repair.html.

The first thing you should check when using a contractor to repair an air conditioning system is the State Licensing Contractors Council. The Licensing Board regulates licenses by protecting homeowners from hiring someone who has not gone through the licensing process. 

The website allows you to check and ensure that the contractor you are trying to hire has a valid state license. You can also contact the Environmental Protection Agency to see if your contractor is EPA certified. 

While installers do not need to be certified, anyone who uses refrigerants or coolants in your air conditioner must be certified. If the company sends a non-certified technician or employee to work on your device, the repair will take longer if Freon or refrigerant is required.