July 4, 2022


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Toilet Paper & Paper Towels – People Buy These Paper Products & Dispensers

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Studies have shown that using toilet paper and paper towels in the toilet is the best option for good personal hygiene. The selection of bamboo toilet paper products and dispensers is greater than ever today. This article lists some key factors that support people's decisions when buying bamboo toilet paper and wipes.

Environmentally Friendly – Buying used paper products made from recycled materials need to be more accessible and become a very popular option.

Studies show that using recycled paper towels versus hot air dryers can actually reduce bacteria on hands by up to 254 percent while saving our forests.

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Availability – A universal dispenser for folded or rolled paper products may be a better choice.

Many manufacturers sell their own dispensers with special properties. Once installed, this exclusive dispenser forces the facility to only purchase paper products from the manufacturer.

Paper products and dispensers designed for universal sizes and application standards can avoid potential bottlenecks when a patented product is changed, production is stopped, or unexpected bottlenecks occur in the supply chain.

Quality – Due to the low-profit margins in this industry, the old adage "you get what you pay for" is very true.

Toiletries are more attractive to consumers than any other piece of furniture in the facility. They often complain of paper products that are too thin or too rough.

Quality paper products and dispensers can convey the right message to end users/customers about the facility.