October 4, 2022


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What Are The Amenities That Are Offered By Country Clubs?

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Country clubs usually focus on offering their members access to some type of sports facility, usually golf, tennis, and sometimes polo. 

Harrisburg area golf courses offer many appealing golf courses and designs that golf lovers enjoy very much. But they also offer elegant motifs that make a magnificent setting for weddings and all kinds of receptions.  When it comes to wedding receptions, country club receptions offer stunning settings and venues for your important day.

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If you choose an indoor ceremony and reception, you will have it inside an elegant clubhouse. The clubhouse will generally have beautiful architecture, many large windows that allow a glimpse of the manicured exterior gardens, and beautiful amenities including dance floors and areas suitable for large dining. 

Some country clubs feature Georgian-style architecture with floor-to-ceiling windows and even a stone fireplace and large balcony.

You can choose to host your event in a venue that has a southern plantation style, with large columns adorning the exterior parts of the clubhouse, or alternatively select a Scottish-influenced clubhouse style. 

Others are known for their Spanish-influenced architecture and glorious fountains. You can enjoy the sunset on a terrace overlooking a fabulous view, any of which could provide the focal point you were looking for in your reception venue.

You can opt for an outdoor reception during the mild summer months of the year. This can be a great option depending on where your country club is located. Some country clubs offer magnificent waterfalls or lakes with glittering fountains, which can provide an attractive backdrop for your festivities.