September 25, 2022


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What Are the Different Kinds Of Spiders?

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When you think of spiders, your first thought is probably that they are scuttling and slimy creatures. Spiders in the world come in many shapes and sizes, some harmless while others can be deadly to humans. 

What are the Different Kinds of Spiders?

There are many different kinds of spiders, and each has its own unique characteristics. You can also navigate here to know more about different kinds of spiders.

Here are most common kinds of spiders: 

1. The black widow spider is one of the most commonly seen spiders in the United States. These spiders are usually very small, but can be quite deadly if provoked. They are usually black or brown in color, and have a red hourglass marking on their abdomen.

2. The brown recluse spider is another common spider that is often feared. These spiders are mostly dark brown in color, but can have a yellowish tinge to them as well. They have a distinctive violin-like marking on their back.

3. The funnel-web spider is one of the least common types of spiders, but is perhaps the most feared. These spiders are typically black with a white or silver sheen to them, and they have large eyes that give them an appearance of intelligence. They build elaborate webs that can trap prey inside them.

4. The tarantula is perhaps the oddest type of spider you may encounter. These spiders are usually quite large, and can range in color from light brown to almost black.