July 5, 2022


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What is Investment Immigration?

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To live in Australia, you will need a green card. However, before you can apply for a green card you must first fill out the visa form. An Investment Immigration visa is one such type of visa you can apply for. This visa allows you to travel to Australia to invest in a business. 

To be eligible for investment immigration, you will need to invest approximately one million dollars. You can explore our website if you want to get more information about investment immigration endorsement in Australia.

These programs can increase your initial investment as well as boost the economy. Upon completion, you will be issued an immigration card that allows you to remain in Australia for as long as your business is operating. 

You will be able to renew your investment visa card for another year once it is nearing expiration. If you do not renew your investment visa, you may be considered an illegal immigrant. You will then be required to return to your home country. 

Once you have applied for investment immigration, it will take a few days to get approved. This process can take anywhere from a few days up to several months. You cannot work for your business during this period unless you are granted an investment visa.