September 30, 2022


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Why Do We Need To Consult Dog Behaviorist Separation Anxiety?

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Dog owners often have to deal with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can cause destructive or panic-like behavior in dogs who are left alone. Dogs with severe separation anxiety often exhibit extreme distress, such as constant barking, destructive chewing, digging/scratching at windows, doors, and carpets, urination, or defecation. 

Dogs with severe separation anxiety can cause damage to thousands of dollars of furniture in their homes. If you’re seeing these symptoms in your dogs, then you have to hire dog behaviorist separation anxiety for the treatment of your dog.

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These are some signs that you have to recognize, whether your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety:

  • Extreme agitation and anxiety when you leave the house. He may grab your keys or pull at your clothes to trigger this agitation.

  • Your dog will follow you wherever you go, even if you're not there. He will always be close to you.

  • Your dog will behave in a responsible manner when you leave him alone. Your dog will rarely bark when you are not home. If you're away from your dog, he may bark more often because he is anxious. Your dog might be housetrained. If he is left alone, he may urinate or defecate in the house.

  • His greeting behavior when you return home from a separation is overly excited and frantic.