September 30, 2022


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Why Is Ficus Benjamina Known As The Weeping Fig?

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The botanical name of the Weeping Figs are Ficus Benjamina as well as it’s also known under the names benjamin and Ficus tree. It is among the most well-known garden plants with glossy, dense and dark green leaves. You can find affordable¬† weeping fig tree via ¬† to enhance the beauty of your home or office.

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Why are they referred to as Weeping Figs but why?

This is due to its sensitive characteristics. Ficus Benjamina responds to nearly every stress, including the presence of water or poor light, shifting it from one area to another, insufficient nitrogen, etc. by shedding its leaves.

Weeping Fig Plant Symbolism

Because a lot of figs grow outdoors, they’re regarded as the one that brings abundance and peace. Buddha was able to attain enlightenment while under the fig tree. It is an interesting symbolism of weeping figs – they are considered to be the link between the spiritual and human worlds!¬†

How to Take Care of Weeping Figs, Ficus

Sunlight- Weeping figs love sunlight. They require at minimum seven hours of light indirect sun each day. It can develop in semi-shaded locations, but the rate of growth is slow. It is recommended to locate an area that is bright that the plant can thrive in.

Pruning and Repotting is ImportantIt is crucial to trim your weeping fig particularly if the leaves touch the ceiling. It is important to trim the plant only when it’s at its lowest, which typically occurs in the time of spring.