September 25, 2022


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Why You Should Always Stay in a Boutique Hotel in Queenstown

2 min read

The first step in booking a vacation is to choose a destination. This is the most important thing as you don't want to go on a vacation from hell. After you have decided on your destination, it is time to consider where you will stay. There are generally two options available: a chain hotel or a boutique hotel.

The place you choose to stay while on vacation will determine the quality of your holiday. A bad hotel will leave you wanting to go back to work, while a good hotel will make it so you'll never want to go home. You won't have much control over where you stay in a resort if you book a package vacation. You will usually end up at a chain hotel or one associated with the travel company. You can plan your vacation by yourself, but you have the option to stay at a boutique hotel.

Although chain hotels can offer a lot of familiarity due to the fact that their decor, layout and facilities are all very similar, it often leads to boredom and blandness. A hotel on the other hand offers something unique. Each hotel is unique and designed with its own personality. 

The owners put a lot of thought into designing the hotel's surroundings to make it stand out from other nearby chains. You can be anywhere you want to go if you stay in a brand-name hotel. You will be able to pinpoint where you are if you stay in a hotel.